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S17 MED "X1000" - 12 AUGUST!

Dear EasyMU Players,
New Season 17 on EasyMu x1000!


About server:
Server will run at HOTEST Season 17 - x1000 MED experience, it will allow players to get easy 32000 stats so they can start enjoying our uniqley high hp/damage pvp system with over 1.5k attack speeds and millions of damages.

Grand Opening Time:
- Server Time: 17:00;

Basic information:
- Version: Season 17 Part 1-3 (HOT)
- Experience: 1000x
- Drop rate: 100%
- Maximum Level: 400
- Maximum Master Level: 1000
- Total Max Level: 1400
- Points per Level: Standard - 5/7
- Maximum stats: 32,000

Feature of Season17 (HOT):
- New Character Lemuria;
- New Character Kundun Mephis;
- New Items and Wings for New Characters;
- 7th Mastery Weapon & 8th Mastery Armor;
- New Maps Burning Kethotum & Old Kethotum;
- Magic Gladiator new Skills + Weapons;
- New Mount Blue & Gold Ryan;
- Pentagram Mastery System;
- Ertell Mastery System;
- Harmony Update System;
- Pentagram & Errtel Mastery System;
- Earring of Blood (4th Earring System).

Resets: In game /reset command , 400 Level, Cost 1kk*reset count (RESET on web free 6 credits / VIP: x2 !!! ONLY FROM WEB !!! / INGAME: 48 wcoins)
Reset Burns Stats: Yes, stats burns, Free stats: 500 (VIP: 600 points per reset) * reset count, Max stats: 32767
Grand resets: unlimited, every 50 resets get free credits! (Check Grand Reset page)
All chars create: from 1 level
Offlevel: ON , Disabled in Arena and low level maps , 12 Hours Limit
Offtrade: Available in low level maps and Loren Market
Personal Store: Wcoin personal store and offlevel store items are sold for Wcoin
Jewels: Various ways to get them (Check drop list) , Monsters jewel drop rate is high.
NoN PvP: Arena is a non-pvp map for vips where you can level up easy with out getting killed
WCoins & xShop: Farm WCoins with plenty of ways (check drop list) and buy your max gear from xshop and website shop.
Wcoins: Exchange from credits to Wcoins (ratio 10/1)

Ruud Trade: Buy Custom Ruud Jewels from Ruud Shop or Goblin Point Shop that rewards exactly the amount you paid so you can trade your Ruud.

Starter Gift:
- Pentagram box
- 1,000,000,000 Zen
- FREE VIP CODE FOR 3H: EASYMUONELOVE (You can use it here:
- 100 Free starting Points
- And many other gifts...

Extra Features:
- Stadium (Arena for VIP only)
- Start with KIT in your Character
- Working Vote Reward System!
- Bosses fast Respawn
- Receive Ruud Playing
- Receive Coins Playing

About vip:
Experience increase: 2x higher
Drop increase: 2x higher
Exc. Drop increase: 2x higher
Credits per reset: 2x more
Offlevel limit: for 48 hours
Mixrate: 2x more success for Wings,Items,Enhanced,Pentagram.

Get FREE Credits:
Every reset from web: gives you 6 credits (FOR VIP: 12 credits)
Grand resets: Free credits! (Check Grand Reset page)
Vote Reward System: (Free 20 credits every 12/24 hours).

Posted by Daboy :: 6 March, 2020